• Ding's Programme

    Ding Dyslexia Programme, Ding Remedial English Programme and Ding Social Skill Programme for Children and Adolescents are in-house programmes which are developed by Selina Ding and her team.

  • Ding Dyslexia Programme is based on a multisensorial method which is known as Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic (VAK) to enhance learning experiences in overcoming dyslexia.

    The Ding Dyslexia Programme is a step-by-step, comprehensive programme which is suitable for all ages. This programme covers up to 220 phonemes, which make up most of the daily English words. We also use rote memorisation to assist those who have difficult to remember the words especially phoney words. Phoney words are words that violate the phonemes.

    The Ding Dyslexia Programme has three levels (i.e., Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). Revision are emphasised to ensure that the children and adolescents are able to achieve mastery in reading and spelling. Through the Ding Dyslexia Programme, it is hoped that the children and adolescents will be able to generalise the skill they had learned to their formal education.

    Children who have attended Ding Dyslexia Programme will be able to do the following: sound blending, syllabication, word recognition, spelling and dictation.

    Our programme can be tailored according to the children and adolescents’ individual needs, following the pace of their learning abilities. Our special needs therapists are dedicated to help children and adolescents to get back their confidence and interest in learning. Apart from struggling with dyslexia, these children and adolescents often demonstrate emotional and behavioural problems such inattention, hyperactivity, low confidence, and lack of motivation. Our special needs therapists are trained to manage these comorbidities as well.

    Ding Remedial English Programme is also customizable to meet the needs of the children and adolescents which covers reading comprehension, written expression, grammar and vocabulary.

    For reading comprehension, we focus on helping the children and adolescents to understand the passages, writing and citing their answers and searching for the answers in the passages effectively.

    For written expression, we help children and adolescents to generate, plan and categorise their ideas clearly through several strategies such as mind mapping, to construct sentences fluently, and to write compositions coherently.

    We also help improve the children and adolescents’ vocabulary bank, ensuring that they have fun while learning. In addition, we introduce grammar rules for writing, covering the essential rules.

    Children and adolescents who have attended the Ding Remedial English Programme will be able to enhance their critical thinking skills and write a composition independently.

    Ding Social Skills Programme for Children and Adolescents is a group-based programme to help children to develop better socialisation skills. This programmes aims to achieve the following in children and adolescents:

    • Effective communication
    • Fun experiences & positive friendships
    • The abilities to adapt and meet social expectations
    • Better emotional regulation
    • Self-discipline and behavioural self-control
    • Effective problem solving & decision making
    • Enhanced self-esteem
    • Mindfulness
    • Self-compassion and empathy for others
  • “Learning disorder is what a child has, not who he is. Teach him the way he can learn for he can’t learn the way others usually can learn”
    – Selina Ding