• Dyslexia Program

    stock-girls-readingBased on Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic (VAK) method, children are exposed to a step-by-step multi-sensorial method to read, spell and write using phonics. It has 3 levels (i.e. Beginner, Intermediate, & Advance). Phonics lessons will be taught step-by-step. Non-phonetic words will be taught as well.

    Once children have completed our Dyslexia Program, they can enroll in our follow-up program, Reading Comprehension and Written Expression. Our Reading Comprehension program will teach children to make inferences and to boost their critical thinking skills while our Written Expression program will expand their vocabulary, will train them to write sentences, paragraphs and essays.

  • Ding Social Skills Training (D'SST)


  • Ding’s Social Skills Training (D’SST) program is a weekly program to help children to develop better social skills. It is delivered in a group format. This program consists of 3 levels, i.e. Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.

    The objectives of each level are as follows:

    1. To enhance communication & listening skills
    2. To develop play & positive friendship skills
    3. To understand and meet social expectations
    4. To instil abilities to focus and increase awareness of self & surroundings
    5. To regulate emotions
    6. To cultivate discipline and behavioural self-control
    7. To learn problem solving & decision making
    8. To learn empathy skills
    9. To enhance self-esteem
  • ADHD Workshop