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    We help children, adolescents, and adults with psychological disorders
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    As a client-centred mental health centre, Ding Psychology Centre provides assessments and therapies for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

    Our psychologists will assess the conditions of our clients. An evaluation using standardised diagnostic tools may be required in order to gain a deeper understanding of the problems and the needs of our clients. We then propose an appropriate treatment goal and plan together with our clients.

    Seeking early treatment will reduce the detrimental effects of your psychological problems. Speak to us. While in the real sense of word, a problem is not a problem, coping with the problem is a problem.

    We also offer the Ding Dyslexia Programme to help individuals especially children and adolescents with reading and writing difficulties.

    Our History

    The Ding Psychology Centre was founded by Selina Ding in 2007, and has continued to operate since then. We believe that every individual has the potential to grow, achieving success in life. The person-centred approach that we practice will help clients to identify and resolve their issues with the appropriate therapy. We aim to help clients to apply learned skills effectively, restore the balance of the mind and body, and achieve accomplishments in life.

    The Ding Dyslexia Programme was founded in 2009, aiming to help children to regain confidence in reading and spelling. Our research team has worked endlessly to develop this systematic, step-by-step programme that targets individuals, especially children and adolescents with reading and spelling skills. Our special needs therapists are dedicated to guiding children and adolescents to perform better in their studies.

    Our Vision

      Our vision is to provide outreach for individuals who need professional psychological services.

    Our Mission

      To provide effective psychological services with the advancement in assessment, diagnosis, prevention, and intervention.

      To improve the overall functioning and psychological well-being of children, adolescents, parents, families, and adults.

      To increase public awareness through training and dissemination of knowledge and skills in the field of developmental, educational, and clinical psychology.

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  • “Start living right here, in each present moment. When we stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, we’re open to rich resources of information we’ve been missing out on – information that can keep us out of the downward spiral and poised for a richer life.”
    – Emeritus Professor Dr. Mark Williams